June 16, 2010

Home Sweet Ohio

I love Just Because flowers.
My sweet husband sent me these to my brother's house in Ohio.
I'm visiting for the week while the team is on the road in Charlotte and Atlanta, 
I'm LOVING being here - mainly for one big reason, wrapped in a small package:

Meet Grace.  My niece.
She is the most precious muffin on earth.

She keeps me smiling all. day. long.

I love my hometown.
You never appreciate the little things when you are younger like a beautiful neighborhood, quaint downtown shops, the river, local ice cream spots, etc.

Anthony's team is in town playing the Toledo Mud Hens, so Lauren (Collin's sister) was here for a few days, I got to show her around a little bit, and I drove through my old neighborhood and walked down to the river.
I Love Perrysburg!

I foresee many more trips to Mr. Freeze before I head back to the 'Cuse :)

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