December 07, 2010

Two Weeks...

Two weeks until I will be in OHIO!  The whole entire Sterling Family will be getting together in Ohio for a special Christmas Eve at my uncle's house in Findlay.  There will be about 36 cousins, aunts, uncles, babies, and a pair of amazing grandparents coming from Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, and California.  The only person we will be missing is my brother Stephen.  He lives in Arizona and has to stay there for work. :(  One of the main driving forces behind getting us all together is my Uncle Maurice.  He is my grandma's cousin and will be 90 in February.  For as long as I can remember, he would always dress up as Santa on Christmas Eve as a treat to us young cousins.  He hasn't done it in years, but now that a new generations of little cousins has bloomed, he is going to don the red suit one last time:)

I love this time of year; hot cocoa, sweaters, gloves, wrapping presents, Christmas carols, family and SNOW.  I can get the afore mentioned in Southern California, except for the SNOW.  I am anxious to be surrounded by my friends and family, sharing memories, eating yummy cookies, and see the snow falling down outside.  ...14 days... :)

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  1. Isn't it so nice to be back in Perrysburg for the holidays? I am SO excited to get back. Christmas just doesn't seem like Christmas when I'm not at home. Have a great break with your family!