July 16, 2010

All-Star Break

Summer Vacation?  Sorry, not in our vocabulary.  All-Star break?  Now you're speaking my language!

Day Game< Rain Out< Off Day< All-Star Break

We began planning our all-star break a couple months ago, and have been actively ticking off the days since mid June.  All-Star Break is a lovely 3 day span of no baseball.  Unless of course you are IN the all-star game, which would be a huge honor, but since Collin was not, we had a nice little 3 day vacation to look forward to.  Destination: "Home Home."

The guys' last game before the break was in Pawtucket, RI on Sunday the 11th.  I flew out on the 8th, and Collin flew out of Boston after the game Sunday, making for a verryy late trip to LAX Sunday night.  We had 3 nights to soak up every ounce of relaxation, and aspect of being home before taking the red-eye back Wednesday night.  We filled our time with long bike rides to the harbor, a chilly swim in the ocean, home cooked meals and laying by the pool. 

 Some people thought we were crazy for making a cross-country trip for just 3 days, but it was sooo worth it.  We really miss our home!  The bed is bigger, softer, sweeter smelling and our bathroom is ours, and only ours to use.  The best aspect of spending 3 days in South Orange County: the weather.  A perfect 72 degrees and bright blue skies, everyday, all the time, without avail. 
We took the trail through the St. Regis Monarch Beach golf course, to the beach
This is exactly what he deserved to do...

Other news over all-star break:  
  • Congratulations to Anthony Slama for making the AAA All-Star Team and also for pitching in the Future's game in Anaheim!
  • Congrats to our teammate Chase Lambin for being the AAA All-Star MVP! (if you ever have a chance, search Chase Lambin on YouTube and watch vids of him playing in Japan last year, crazy awesome fans!)
  • Congrats to one of Collin's best friends and old high school teammate, Hank Conger for hitting a 3-run bomb in the Future's game and landing himself the title of MVP of the game!  

Best wishes for everyone for the 2nd half of the season!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! LOVE your pics and great writing as usual. Looking forward to the next post! : )

    Sara and Chase