May 22, 2010

Beach Run

Yesterday I ran on the beach for the first time.  Why have I waited 23 years to do this?!  It was one of the most amazing experiences I've had.  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for the first ten minutes.

Blue Skies.  Sunshine.  Cool Ocean Water.  Good Music.  Warm Breeze. 

I debated wearing sneakers or going barefoot, I chose the latter.   Good Choice.

I love my "running playlist" on my iPod. 
I  a l w a y s  start with Dave Matthews Band Old Dirt Hill.  The best.
Other songs on my playlist:
Pump It  Blackeyed Peas
Slow Wind (Remix)  R. Kelly
Billionaire  Travie McCoy
Make Her Say  Kid Cudi
Swing  Savage
Ants Marching  Dave Matthews Band
Bonnie & Clyde  JayZ/Beyonce

My friend Sara was once talking about how lucky she was to be able to run along the Erie Canal in Syracuse, and just last year she was in Japan (her husband played baseball there) running beside the Tokyo Bay.  And here I am, in Florida running in the Atlantic Ocean.
Yes, baseball throws you around a lot, but if you try to amplify the positives, it makes things a lot easier.  (Remember what I said about making Lemonade... :)

*Side Note: Beware, I will admit my toes are a little raw, and may be blistered.  Yet, still worth it!


  1. I made the blog!! Yay! Loved this post. Great pics and story! : )