May 18, 2010

Spring Training Round Two

Spring Training round two...

Waking up at 7:30 AM, Florida sunshine, group exercise classes, 85 degrees, afternoons + evenings free... You don't see me complaining!  Collin on the other hand is very antsy to get out of here.  I can't exactly relate to how he feels (why can't he just enjoy laying in the sun hours on end with a tropical smoothie and a Body + Soul magazine?) but he often says he feels like he is chomping at the bit trying to get out of here.  And he should be, it's the middle of the season right now and the last thing any player wants is to be back at the spring training facility, away from the team, away from games, away from the daily routine.

Today will be his 3rd time pitching in a game.  His first two outings were successful and he's really starting to like the idea of coming out of the bull pen.  He wishes the process could be expedited, but the reality is that it will be another week or so, so in the mean time, I'm going to take his lemons and make lots of lemonade :)

My parents, who live near Tampa, drove over last Thursday and spent the day with us at the beach.  As I was chatting with my mother about her recent find of La Blanca swimsuits on sale, I was interrupted by Collin asking me if he looked like an amputee.  Always a kid at heart.

  We went to dinner at Pizza Gallery (you can order a pizza that has a portobello mushroom for the 'crust'-yum), and had dessert at Melting Pot.  My parent's had never been to Melting Pot so it was a fun experience for them. Can you say sugar high? (Yes, my relationship with the gym here is growing deeper).

One difference from Spring Training, besides it being 20 degrees warmer and living in a hotel room, is the LOVE BUGS.  What on Earth?!  Growing up in Ohio, I don't ever remember experiencing this plague reminiscent of the flies in ancient Egypt.  Does this phenomenon only occur in Florida?  Whatever the explanation may be, it's SICK.  A car wash owner's dream.

Oh, for those of you concerned with the overgrowth of Collin's beard stunting the progress of his mustache, rest assured he has trimmed it up and is currently in search of a better mustache wax.  The kind we ordered before was white and left his mustache looking like it needed a good scrub with Selsen Blue.  Any suggestions and tips are welcome!


  1. Aren't the lovebugs little treasures? Gotta say I'm pretty happy to be far away from them right now!

  2. First of all, that picture of your husband is hilarious. Second, I love the Melting Pot! So yummy! Hope Florida is treating you well!

  3. Dad,Daldy, FatherMay 24, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    We had a ton of fun with you guys! Coillin is doing awesome and we all can't wait for his return to AAA and his call up to DC! Go Nats! Go Collin and of course Go Ashley!