May 09, 2010

Bon fête des mères!

Happy Mother's Day to my Beautiful Mother.
Becky Sterling
Cancer Survivor.
Multiple Sclerosis endurer.
Encouraging wife.
Sweet Sister to five.
Fun Aunt to 19.
Energetic Grandma to one.
Mother of three.
Best Friend to many... including ME:)

My mother was always known for dressing me in the most girly beautiful dresses from birth... to my wedding day.

She is always supportive of me through college, marriage and in baseball. I love teaching her about the rules of the game, she seems interested, but I really just think she's in it for the pizza and ice cream!

If anyone ever needs a pick-me-up they can always call my mom and she will have them laughing in no time! Conversing is a true talent of hers.
Betty Lou Vegh
Rebecca Lou Sterling
Ashley Rebecca Balester
I'm proud to share her name :)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mother-in-law,
Sally Balester.
Mother of 3.
Selfless and Loving <3

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Moms! I feel like I know your Mom now! Love it!
    : ) Sara