May 10, 2010

Oh Baseball, you never cease to amaze me!

A lot of strange things have been  happening over the last several days...


Let the records show that on May 9, 2010 (Mother's Day) I woke up at 8:09 AM to SNOW outside my bedroom window. Not just freezing rain, but actual snowflakes that accumulated in patches on the ground and left a thin blanket on our car.  The double-header even got canceled... (I'll take it!)  Maybe Mother Nature was a little peeved no one wished her a Happy Mother's Day.


Several days ago Collin got called into the office to have a chat with the manager and pitching coach.  This is usually associated with either good or bad news, and when you haven't had great outings lately, you can only expect the latter.  However, the news he received was expected and almost relieving (pun intended).  They told Collin they think the best thing for him right now would be to pitch out of the bull pen (a relief pitcher).  Collin has been a starter his whole life so this "reassignment" will require an adjustment, physically and mentally.  We are both really excited for the opportunities this could bring to him, and Collin is anxious to try it out.
 [For those not familiar with baseball, a starter pitches every five days and usually throws approximately 5-7 innings per game.  A reliever never really knows for sure when he is going to pitch.  It's sometimes every 1-3 days and 1-2 innings per game.]  
To aid in the transition from a starter to a reliever, the team is sending us to the Spring Training facility in Viera, FL on Tuesday for about 12 days.  I'm glad that this is all happening relatively early in the season.  I'm also looking forward to warm weather and sunshine for a little bit, especially after the aforementioned snow episode!  The Nationals also give us a membership at the best gym on earth, I had a love affair with Health First Pro-Health during Spring Training, and I can't wait to go back and rekindle the flame...  And maybe get my thighs a little slimmer while I'm at it ;)


The Syracuse field was sold out for Stephen Strasburg's first AAA start Friday.  
There were more people here than there were when Dave Matthews played at the field!

Other interesting news within the Nats realm:

  • Congrats to the Chicos who went from AA Harrisburg, PA and made a spot start in DC Saturday.  Then got sent back to AA for one day and will join us here in AAA Syracuse today!  
  • Looking forward to seeing the Maxwell's (and their new baby girl) who started the year in AAA, got called up to DC shortly after, and will be joining us again in Syracuse!
  • Congrats to one of our roommates Doug Slaten who pitched impeccably in Syracuse, getting called up with a 0.00 ERA!
People are always coming and going... keeping us all on our toes!


  1. Ashley,

    You've picked up nicely where it seems Colin has pretty much abandoned his blog.

    It seems like being a baseball wife is much like being a military wife, except faster. Instead of a stay in a location being measured in years, baseball measures it in months or weeks.

    Good luck to Colin as he transitions to relief pitching. Keep us posted!

  2. Really nice job keeping everyone informed , Ash! We will see you and Collin on Thursday. Your fans and your Parents love you guys!
    Dad, Spinman

  3. Baseball = Change that is for sure!!! Great post! Can't wait to see you when you get back! Hopefully the weather will be warmer by then! Have a great stop in Florida! xoxo Sara