May 07, 2010

Grace Video for Mommy

I took this video in March when I went to Perrysburg for a weekend during Spring Training. Grace and I were taking videos on my iPhone for different people like Collin, Grandma Becky, Grandpa Gail, Uncle Stephen, me, and Mommy (Rachael). This video is "for Mommy" and every single time I watch it I can't hold back the laughter. She's such a sweet little munchkin! Oh, and don't mind the fact she's just lounging in her undies, she decided she didn't want to put back on her leggings after her potty break, and when Aunt Ashy's in town, what she says goes! ;) Enjoy!

 On a side note, today me and some of the other wives/girlfriends/fiancees did a fun little commercial for Time Warner Cable, promoting the Ladies of Summer fan club for the Chiefs. It was pretty fun! And we were also given cute pink Chiefs jerseys t0 keep! It's my first jersey from a team Collin has played for:) Well I'm off to the game... I'm kind of looking forward to seeing the field sold out since Stephen Strasburg is pitching tonight, I don't even think it was sold out on Opening Day!


  1. Ashley...I really like your blog! You are a very good writer! I think your life sounds fun and exciting! I love you and I'm proud to be your MOM!!

  2. Ash! Your blog is so cool. I am happy for you and Collin. Make sure you tell Rachael Strasburg I said hi! We hope to see you soon here in Florida. Love you