May 05, 2010

Road Trip... Home

Last week was one of the few weeks (if not the only week) I would pick being in the minor leagues over the big leagues.  Collin's team, the Syracuse Chiefs played the Toledo Mud Hens for four games and the Columbus Clippers for four games.  Having grown up in the suburbs of Toledo, and attending college at THE Ohio State University, this road trip didn't feel like a road trip at all, it felt like being home!  For starters, we were able to opt out of the hotel in Toledo and just stay with my brother and sister in law.

My three year old niece was able to stay home from pre-school a couple days and we had her all. to. our. selves.  She is growing up so fast and I could just sit there all day and listen to her talk.. she's SO funny!

Our time in Perrysburg went by fast, but I was equally, if not more, excited for Columbus.  Our Columbus stay was over the weekend which enabled A LOT of my friends to all meet up.  About 14 of my friends all went out to eat Saturday night at Typhoon (suggestion: Lychee Martini) and continued the night at Bar Louie.  Collin was pitching the next day so he just met up with us after the game was over for about a half hour before we called it a night.  I'm pretty sure the fellowship continued to the wee hours of the morning without us;)  It was so nice to be able to be back with all of my friends again!

Collin made his 5th start of the season Sunday in Columbus.  He has had a shaky April, but we know things will turn around.  I am just thankful he is healthy and feeling good.  All we can do is stay positive!

I just about completed my checklist on places I needed to get my fix of while in Ohio... the list included:

  • Jeni's Ice Cream (Any and Every Flavor)
  • Northstar Cafe (Black Bean & Beet Burger)
  • Happy Greek (Spinach Feta Dip)
  • Mr. Freeze (Wow Cow)
  • Haiku (I guess I could substitute going to Typhoon for Haiku- both sushi!)
I did pretty decent... and I even added a new favorite to my list: NORTH MARKET.  Oh my if I could only live there- no, not live in Columbus.. in North Market.  I had the most delicious Indian and Mediterranean food.  And SAMPLES, oh my, samples.  For all who know me, I must try everything, and the North Market vendors set out samples of everything from fresh fruits smoothies, ice cream, fresh waffles, breadsticks, caramel corn, salsas, the list goes on... Like I said, I would honestly consider renting a space just to coexist with the products.

So the road trip was a good one!   Now we're back in Syracuse for about a week and a half, then off again!


  1. Hello! I just discovered your blog and am smiling so big right now. My hubby and I work within walking distance of North Market (and only a block away from Northstar...yum!). We've been known to order ice cream at the market and *still* hit up the High Street Jeni's for a root beer on our walk back to the studio. This is a very dangerous place to be! :)

  2. Oh my I would be in serious trouble if I had these places at my fingertips! I'd be broke and 10lbs heavier in a month;)