May 06, 2010

Off Day!

Since I have just started this blog, I have a million ideas running through my head about what I want to write about next, and when I think about each different topic, they are all intertwined and somehow relate back to: Baseball.  Road trips we take (because of baseball), restaurants I've visited in different cities (because of baseball), different friends I've met (through baseball), the trials and tribulations (via baseball)... the list goes on.  From someone on the outside of the 'baseball world' I may appear as an empty shell just following my husband around and surrendering to his schedule.  I am sensitive to the fact that I am a college graduate and do not have a full time job and that I cannot just simply "get a job" as easily as many have suggested I do.  Let me ask you this, would you hire someone with my conditions?:  Must have at least 1-2 weeks a month off to travel (the team is on the road approximately half the month), would prefer working the afternoons and no later than 7pm (with one car I often have to take him to the field at 1pm, and game time is 7), I can only work for 6 months at the absolute most (season ends in September), Oh and one more thing, at any given time I may have to quit, sometimes with less than a day's notice (incase he ever gets called up to the big leagues).  Yeah I wouldn't want to hire me either! ;)

I am defensive to those who judge wives/girlfriends/fiancées for not working, mostly because if I wasn't married to Collin, I would most definitely be searching out jobs all over the country and/or world, and I am a teeny bit jealous of those who have the freedom to do that!  Now, some may be saying, "well I know so-and-so who works and is married to a baseball player..."  and I think that is GREAT!  More power to them for being able to work full time at home.  For me however, I need to be able to see my husband more than one weekend a month (been there, done that), and I know he appreciates my support, company, and work that I put into living during the season.  For now, I sacrifice put my career on pause while I support him while he lives out his dream.  I do keep myself busy with different community events and signing up for various 5K runs.  One day when he retires from baseball I will have my time to pursue whatever it is that I want, until then, I have the blessed off-season (I plan to substitute teach-gotta put that B.A. to use right?!), and the sporadic OFF DAY!

Yay Off Days!  Yesterday was the second day off of work Collin has had since Spring Training started in February (not counting the days off we used to drive from Florida to NY).  So I was very anxious to plan something fun to do.  Collin, being the sweet guy he is, told me that off-days are for me and that I could plan whatever I wanted to do... so I made arrangements to go horseback riding!

We started the day with coffee and breakfast at home and made a quick trip to Yogen-Früz for some tart frozen yogurt before we headed out to the ranch.  (I have been DYING for some good frozen yogurt, we miss Yogurtland terribly and Yogen-Früz sufficed).  The ranch is on 300 acres of beautiful wooded hills and it's only a few minutes from our townhouse.  My horse's name was Legend, and Collin's was Hidalgo, they were both mares and very good horses.  The trail was an hour long and was a very relaxing and peaceful experience.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo we went to lunch at an amazing little mexican inspired restaurant called Alto-Cinco in Syracuse.  They have great vegan options and everything is made from fresh and local produce.  We met up with the some friends for dinner at Papa Gallo in Fayetteville for Mexican dinner (round two).  They had a skinny margarita made with agave nectar and fresh squeezed lime juice for 250 cals:)

Overall, it was a perfect off-day... only 20 more days til the next one! (not that I'm counting.....)


  1. Gail, Dad, Father, DaldyMay 6, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    Ash. this is awesome. I ma so proud of you. Love the candid opinions you have. Keep the spunk!!!
    Love you,

  2. I LOVE yogurtland. We're living in Ohio for the summer I cannot understand why no one has opened any frozen yogurt places yet. If you hear of any, let me know.

    Hope all is well Ash! Enjoy those off days!! :)

  3. I really appreciate that you put it on hold so that you could be with me. I really appreciate you so much with everything you do to make our lives smooth. I love you so much and you are the best wife ever.

    P.S. Your blogs pretty good :)

    Love, your husband